About us

Our Story

Kokoro World was born in 2023, a creation of Audrey and Dimitri, who share a deep appreciation for life's small joys. The story began with a heartwarming Christmas gift from Dimitri to Audrey in 2022 – a navy wearable hoodie blanket. 

Whether it was movie nights with a bowl of popcorn, spirited board games with family and friends, quiet moments lost in a good book by the fireside, or simply seeking comfort after a long workday, the hoodie blanket became her cherished companion. Its warmth and comfort brought happiness in every moment.

That sparked their vision to curate and design items that held a special place in their own hearts, making them accessible to everyone who sought to embrace life's everyday pleasures.

Our Mission

At Kokoro World, our mission is clear: to spread warmth and joy, starting with one cozy hoodie blanket at a time. We believe in celebrating life's little treasures, embracing them to the fullest, and sharing the happiness they bring. 

We invite you to be a part of the Kokoro World community, where we revel in the beauty of life's simple joys. Thank you for joining us and helping create a world filled with warmth, comfort, and happiness.